Portrait photography

Why not take a moment to capture your brand new baby sleeping or your toddlers playing nicely (fingers crossed!) or even your teenager grimacing (likely!!!). Perhaps something personal for you looking your best alone or together with your partner. Or maybe something professional you need for your business pages…

My aim is simple, to capture those moments in time for you to keep whether on your mantelpiece or share online.

Emma’s family portrait photography

family portrait photographs

I love to take family portrait shoots out and about, it really adds to the natural tone of each photograph and really helps the subjects to relax and not feel the need to pose. Natural setting come sun, rain or snow wins every time in my book!  The girls were adventurous, active and so much fun helping to create some moments I hope they will remember and look back on…

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Ballet portraits

ballet portraits

Beautiful Ballet portraits in a great location with some very talented performers. Such a lovely experience to involved in.

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Band portraits

band portraits

Variety is indeed the spice of life, shooting different subjects from one week to the next is brilliant. I was contacted a few weeks ago to shoot some promotional photography for a local band for their future gigs/album covers etc in a fantastic old theatre. With an NME 90’s style look to the shoot i had in my head we created some appropriately styled photography.
Good luck guys on your route to stardom.

Band portraits

Female portraits

portrait photographer Bradford

What a delight it was to shoot the stylish, individual, sexy and absolute fun Katie C. My aim was to capture her stand out qualities and have fun while we did it… and we DID have fun! From pin up poster styled poses through to showing her powerful female side… then of course back to simply having fun in front of the lens.

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The Allen family portraits

Portrait photography

What a gorgeous sunny day to spend taking portrait photographs with the gorgeous Allen family. We had lots of fun with bubbles, bouncy balls, balloons and the nearby playground. The lovely park and fields filled with bluebells was a great setting for some natural portraits, letting the kids do what they do best – just having fun!

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Artist portraits

artist photography

I feel very lucky to photograph people, some strike me as they stand out from the crowd. It is my pleasure to spend a few hours with them and hopefully capture their essence and who they are in that moment. Here are just a few photographs from one time with one beautiful and talented individual.

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Family holiday portraits

portrait family holiday

Gorgeous family holiday portrait washed with golden light under the French sun.

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Family portraits Bradford

family portrait photography

Beautiful family portraits taken of the Bottomley family. Such an amazing place the Cow & Calf area in Ilkley, the family portraits almost take themselves 🙂

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Female model fashion shoot

model fashion portrait

I found a great location to use for future portrait work in an old mill nearby, now used mainly for dance classes. The light is great although on these portrait photographs I used flash throughout. The aim of the shoot was simple, it wasn’t about personality, who the person was in front of the camera and trying to capture them but instead to create some stylish fashion photography.

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The Baildon’s family portraits

Family portraits Bradford

Had a great time shooting some lovely family portraits with the Baildon family on the amazing setting of Baildon moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Karen, Paul and their two teenage sons was a different kind of portrait photography I’ve been used to. Very different to chasing toddlers around and capturing those moments but enjoyed the challenge of showing them in a location we all love. Managed to get a few smiles too from teenagers which is no mean task 🙂

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Professional portraits

professional portrait photographer

As a Portrait photographer you look for the essence of each subject and try to capture who they are or how they would like to see themselves. These moments can encapsulate passion, fun, silly moments or some i prefer to capture are the still portraits where moments are stolen from the subject as they look straight back at the camera and we dare to peer back into their soul. Heres a few photographs from my latest shoot.

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