Event photography

Things happen, here, there, everywhere! Some things inspire, some not so much. These events serve a purpose to entertain, to excite even to wonder but all produce memories to every person looking on. I crouch at the feet of runners and stand hidden inside the crowd at a concert to get that image to show the real event, the real happenings.

Just my perspective of things that catch my eye…

Baildon Carnival

event photography

Little ol Baildon Carnival started off very wet indeed but as the clouds lifted we were treated to some fantastic running from ages young and old. In between the races i managed to squeeze in some carnival snaps to give just a taste of what to expect from my little village. These events would not take place without the many unsung hero’s, propping up the marquees, pegging out the courses and baking at the first light of day to supply the most ardent tea and cake aficionados.

Well done little village of mine!

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