Sports Photography

Sports photography

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Sports photographer based centrally around Leeds, Bradford in Yorkshire

Being inspired by your subject really helps when capturing a photograph. I have had the pleasure to meet some exceptional athletes including members of the GB team and seeing in my minds eye what I want to capture from each person then working to create that look, truly excites me. Every athlete has something magical, almost an aura around them and after meeting them, discussing ideas of what we can achieve really helps me to see what each pose needs and how the photograph should feel. Every photograph needs to emotionally entice, to connect with the viewer. The most important thing i have to do is to try and tease out what makes them special. :)

Tour de Yorkshire photography

Tour de Yorkshire photography

With a mix up with accreditation I thought to make the best of a bad situation was to visit the most local place the Tour de Yorkshire passes/finishes in Ilkley. Walking around the huge crowds I looked for the moments, the interesting and quirky before the riders arrived. With the drive to get some shots of the riders up close I managed to sneak past the security to get my usual place in and amongst as the riders recovered from a devastating final hill finish.

Tour de Yorkshire photography

National Mountain Bike Series photography

Mountain Bike photography

Fantastic location for the National Cross Country Mountain Bike round 2 race, we even had some sun. Huge array of talent across the board, great to see up close the action as always.

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Sports lifestyle photography

sports lifestyle photography

Find an athlete, a location and a smatter of sunny weather… result – some lifestyle photography.

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Tom Bell portrait photography

Tom Bell portrait - mountain bike photography

Always great to catch up with Tom, this time I put him in the studio environment, even if it was my dining room 🙂
I played around with a light and dark set up to create a couple of moods.

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Cycling photography – Magnificent 7 hill climbs

cycling photography hill climbs sheffield 2018

I enjoyed a very early start to the day driving down an empty M1 then down the beautiful small roads towards Bradfield with only farm animals in the fields either side of the roads to keep me company on my journey. A beautiful location for any outdoor activity for sure especially when the weather is with you for spectators AND photographers. Today we were blessed without the wet stuff. Read more…

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Yorkshire Road Relay Championships

runner photographer

Great show of runners and talent at the Yorkshire Road Relay Championships 2018 at the weekend. A mixed bag of typical Yorkshire weather throughout the day and was indeed more annoying to a working photographer than the competing athletes on the track. Awesome effort from everyone who took part.

Runner photographs – Yorkshire Road Relay Championships

Sports lifestyle photography

Sports lifestyle photo

Absolutely loving getting in from the cold and wet to work in the studio environment. This one was a very quick turn around based on time limitations on the location – 45mins to get some shots. As always I can not thank enough the athletes I photograph who give their time. Thank you Patrycja.

Runner photographs – Yorkshire Road Relay Championships

Cyclocross photography – Bradford Peel Park 2018

cyclocross photography exhausted rider

Absolute amazing day for cyclocross photography, snow cloud skies with occasional flurry’s of snow, huge amount of riders to trudge the course up and yes, acres of mud. Temperatures didn’t raise much above 1° but as a cyclocross photographer was an absolute pleasure seeing these heroic athletes perform in atrocious conditions. Well done all!

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Peco XC running photography – Roundhay 2018

Great to see a huge amount of runners for the Peco XC running event at Roundhay on a frosty morning. The fist race the kids brought enthusiasm and huge smiles as they crossed the line, the seniors finished mustering only relief with tired legs in very slippy conditions. I have such admiration for everyone who competed.

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Cycling photography – Tom Bell hill reps

cycling photography tom bell

On initial arrival at the location for the shoot, the weather took a turn for the worst. No golden hour lighting as we hoped but cracked on anyway. With a little rain, some stormy clouds to help out, we got a few moody ones to keep.

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Cyclocross photography – Halifax

Cyclocross photography - Yorkshire points - Halifax

The weekends cyclocross race was cold and wet. Super full of possibilities for me and my camera but a real test for the riders. The location was fab, lots of different horizons and types of shots. I decided to follow the light as it passed through the trees in the boggiest part of the course. The glimpses of the riders faces as they endured the course was what i wanted to capture in the rays of sunlight that filtered through. Huge appreciation for everyone who raced.

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Superleague Triathlon

Superleague Triathlon

Exciting new format to the triathlon world – Superleague has already made a huge impact. For me as a photographer a great event to shoot in a relatively small space. I was asked along to capture not only the race but behind the scenes too, following the athletes around on the island as they took part 4 days before the race in various activities.

Superleague Triathlon photos

Tour of Britain 2017

Tour of Britain 2017

It was a great experience to not only photograph the Tour of Britain this year but even better from the inside with a team. Team Cylance from America commissioned me to document their journey from every vantage point. We started from the early morning massages, to the pursuing cars behind the peloton, then to welcome them back after each stage on the finishing line after grueling days on the saddle. I photographed the sights and smells of the moving circus known as the tour, capturing the teams gritty performances as they as the minnows of the race fought to stay with the main pack. And they did handsomely. Thank you guys for making me so very welcome to the team.

Tour of Britain

Tom Bell mountain bike champion

Tom Bell mountain bike champion photography

Great couple of mornings with Tom Bell following him around on his mountain bike, getting generally filthy and wet but I love this job and meeting and working with great people like Tom is a pleasure!!!

Toms photographs

The London Triathlon

london triathlon 2017

The London Triathlon is a huge event with thousands of athletes taking part. Everyone entered has their own story to tell, with their own goals and ambitions and perhaps to finish beyond their own expectations on the day.

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Cyclocross photography – Bingley

Cyclocross photo

Frosty start to this race only 10mins from my doorstep, so how could i say no.

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Cyclocross photography – Wakefield

cyclocross thumbnail

Another weekend, another cyclocross race, this time in Wakefield. With rain expected for the afternoon i was prepared for the worst, or for me as a photographer, the best conditions for a photograph. However the sun had different ideas and quickly became a lovely Autumnal afternoon. What better way to spend a Sunday, sitting in the mud waiting for these inspiring athletes to ride past.

Cyclocross photographs – Wakefield

Cyclocross photography

cyclocross photography

It’s always exciting going to a new sporting event I’ve not done before. I fell in love with cycling photography only in the last year but seeing cyclocross has added double to my passion to shoot more. I love the format of the races, i like the range of athletes competing from young riders to seniors, ranging from a fun ride to real aggressive competing. With the rain falling i cant wait for the next race and to see some mud on faces 🙂

Cyclocross photography

ITU World Triathlon Leeds 2017

brownlee brothers thumb

What an amazing day seeing the best athletes in the world competing. I was lucky enough to see up close these super humans pushing their bodies to the extreme. Many competitors collapsed as soon as they passed the finish line, however the Brownlee brothers didn’t seem overly tired 5 minutes after the race? Testament indeed to 2 incredible athletes who seem unfazed by the enormity of their growing achievements..

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Special Olympics Sheffield

special olympics

I have to admit to have never been touched so much at a sporting event as I was at the Special Olympics Sheffield. The struggle to be the best, the training week in week out and determination to be the best is hard enough for anyone but I saw these athletes showing their abilities not their disabilities and inspiring everyone who looked on. I sincerely hope I will be asked back next time to share and capture the special moments.

Special Olympics Sheffield photographs

Brownlee HUUB photoshoot 2017

Brownlee HUUB photoshoot

I was delighted to be invited to shoot the Brownlee brothers for their wetsuit sponsors HUUB. The Brief was very simple, get them looking good in the wetsuits. I had a strong vision in my head of the mood of the shots and how to light them and I’m happy to say both clients were very happy with the results.

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Thai boxing portrait photography

athlete portrait photographs

I really love taking athlete portrait photographs, its inspirational to see their dedication to strive to be the elite and capturing them in one moment. Its a pleasure visiting Bradford’s Pro-Thai boxing GYM. Many thanks to Scott and each who stood in front of the lights that night.

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HUUB / Jenson Button Trust Triathlon

Jenson Button Trust Triathlon

I was asked by HUUB to photograph the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon over in Derby. An additional requirement besides capturing the days events, a smattering of logos to appear throughout.

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Lusso lifestyle brand photography 2017

Lusso cycling brand photography

Lusso is a quality cycling clothing brand designed and made in Manchester. John the owner was a pleasure to work with putting this together, indeed a gentleman and wish him and his longtime brand continued success. What was great about the shoot were the models, they were all pretty amazing riders in their own right and seeing the scars on their bodies told many stories.

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Athlete portrait photography 2017

athlete portrait thumbnail

Always fantastic to photograph athletes away from the course or race track, this one was fun too playing around with some ideas of leaping around and then the more serious moody style of portraits. An absolute pleasure working with Alex and Nick, I wish them every success on their journey to the top.

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3RT cycling race photography

cycling photography

I was delighted to shoot another cycling event, this time held in York by the 3RT team. A great opportunity to create some documentary/art styled photography of the mornings heats, capturing the athletes powering around the course and those bits in between each heat. Its exciting to follow the movement of an event like this, watching how people interact with each other, seeing the power/strength/agility and control needed to compete as athletes and then photographing the emotions straight after filled with happiness and of course disappointment for some. Its a great feeling to be there around such talent and be the one to capture it all.

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Brownlee Cycle Track race

Brownlee cycle track race

A quick race at the Brownlee Cycle Track on a fairly sunny day was the perfect way to prepare for the Tour of Britain cycling race coming up in a weeks time. Great to see how enthusiastic and passionate local cyclists can be at a fairly small scale event, willing to put their all in for the finishing jersey.

View Brownlee Cycle Track race

Triathlete photoshoot

Triathlete photoshoot

In preparation for a later shoot in the day, my friend and assistant Scott brought in his new kit to practice the set up with the lights. I wanted to go for a very minimal look, just a few catch lights to edge his form in the shot.

Triathlete photoshoot

Triathlete portrait

triathlete portrait

Great session with a monster of an athlete but a real gentle giant too. With these shoots I’m trying to capture each person looking their very best as they train to be the best. I spend time before each pose, directing him and making him clear on what I wanted from his emotional state as well as physical state. I really wanted to capture China’s ambition and commitment that’s clear to see in his eyes. I’m looking forward to the 3rd and final session with him in the water and wish him the very best in his journey to the top.

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Runner portraits

athlete portraits

Put simply, I found some runners who inspire me with their ability and dedication to the sport and got them running around to then place them in front of the camera and photograph the moment between adrenaline awesomeness and exhaustion. These guys radiate something I cant explain but hope I’ve captured..?

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Langsett trail 10k Race photography

runner photographer

Being a runner photographer in Yorkshire theres no shortage of great places to shoot. Just outside of Sheffield sits a lovely stretch of land called Langsett. An impressive reservoir sits amongst some great hills for runners to climb. Ill be back to photograph there as a landscape photographer without a doubt.

View Langsett trail 10k event

Bradfield cycling hill climb

Bradfield cycling hill climb

Perhaps one of the shortest races out there the Bradfield hill climb is however not for the faint-hearted. Just under 1 mile of sheer pain stands before each rider who dares to show their all. I feel genuine admiration for everyone who took park, who shared their pain in front of the large crowd that congregat at the top of the climb year after year. And, I certainly look forward to next year where more than likely the same characters (mentioning no names Rich) will show up for another dose.

Bradfield cycling hill climb

Triathlete photography – Scott


Scott is an old friend, I’d not heard from him for a long time but was very pleased take the opportunity to photography him in his wetsuit and direct him with each photograph. A true gentleman, good guy and patience of a saint. I wish him further success in his training as a triathlete and can’t wait for the 2nd and 3rd set in this series of shots.

View Scott’s photographs

Leeds half marathon 2017 race photography

leeds half marathon race 2017

It will be held on record that there was a first male, first female and disabled athlete winner but there were so many more heros on that day crossing the line. Its such an achievement to run a half marathon, a real physical task to keep going for such a long distance even for those who trained. Seeing the delight and emotions flood out as each person passed the finish line was absolutely amazing to everyone watching on including me. I was lucky enough to be photographing it all close up.
Huge respect to every person to take on the challenge and win. You are remarkable people, take a bow!

View Leeds half marathon 2017 race photographs

Bodybuilder portrait photography

bodybuilder photography

Rich is an awesome athlete, his body is testament to ambition, dedication and pure hard work, hes a nice guy to boot too! Capturing his body sculpture and playing around with the way the light fell on his body was a lot of fun in a very small space in the gym. Hoping for the next shoot to be able to take my backdrop with me, to help really focus on the subject and not the surroundings.

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West Yorkshire Winter League final race

runner portraits

As a runner myself I have a real love for photographing runners in action, in particular those who inspire me leading the pack. If the race is in an amazing location then even better. The location for these runner photographs was on the edge of Halifax for the final race in the West Yorkshire Winter League. I trudged to the halfway part of the course to get them running up, then following them back down again. A hike indeed with a large bag and tripod on my back, even managed to get a couple of landscape shots in there too. Worth the hike in the end.

View runner photographs

Ben Mounsey – Runner portraits

Ben Mounsey - runner portraits

I say it often but I really do feel very lucky and privileged to be invited into peoples lives for either a wedding or a portrait shoot but being the mediocre runner that i am, it is indeed inspiring to not only see and meet the speediest athletes (I can only dream of being) but I was lucky enough to photograph one of the best, Mr Ben Mounsey. Not only is Ben a superior athlete but such a good guy to boot. I can only say the day we spent tracking up and down the moors was a real blast, great fun and we nailed a few pretty nice shots too. Thanks Ben, looking forward to the next shoot!

Ben Mounsey – Runner portraits

Tour de Yorkshire women’s start

Reportage photographer Tour de Yorkshire

First cycling event photographs, I won’t lie, a little daunting and with pretty restricted scope without the press pass. Luckily I saw a pro photographer heading away from the race start so followed her and found all the teams preparing for the days race. I’ve said it before but its a pleasure and a privilege to be around athletes of this level.

View Tour de Yorkshire reportage photographs

Barnsley Cycling Road Race 2017

Cycling photographer Yorkshire

Fab morning shooting a road race on the moors of Holmfirth. Some pretty amazing athletes took part on a miserable start to the day. However, rain didn’t stop play. My new waterproof trousers excelled in the damp and soggy conditions too 🙂

View Barnsley Cycling Road Race 2017

Baildon Boundary Way

Reportage photography Baildon Boundary Way

My first race piece at my local club. Fantastic location with a great early morning moody sky. Was great to get down and dirty following every step though every puddle. Looking forward to more muddy events.

View Baildon Boundary Way photographs

Gymnastics gym

gymnastics photography

What a great morning photographing such a large collection of talented gymnasts. It was inspiring to photograph each and every young hopeful, honing their skills to reach perfection of pose, movement and style.

I hope these images do these fine upcoming athletes justice!?

View Gymnastic reportage photography

John Carr race 2017

John Carr race photography

The John Carr races are a local series of 3 5k runs for a mix set of abilities, held on the first three weeks in May. While injured i thought I’d make myself useful and shoot the events instead. The weather was kind for a change with some lovely sun sets to the background of the course.

View John Carr race photography

Thai boxing gym

thai boxing - reportage photography

It’s a real privilege to be given the right to join people in what they do, letting me go amongst and photographing whatever catches my eye. Huge thanks to Scott for letting me into his gym and the guys who let me share their time during some pretty intense training. This is the first session and the guys were getting much more used to me being around after the first couple of hours. Next sessions I want to find out more about them, take some photographs of the characters within.

View Thai boxing gym photographs

Athlete portraits

athlete portrait

One of Baildon Runners finest – Michael Malyon. All round nice guy and competing with the best runners out there.

Athlete portraits

Race photography – Guiseley Gallop

runner photography

Another local race in some fantastic woodland, i couldn’t resist the opportunity 🙂

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