Col Morley professional sports and portrait photographer Yorkshire / UK

The content from this site is pre 2018. Please do have a look around of course but to view my latest work click here

Thank you for taking time to look at my photography work. I predominantly work shooting sports photography but alongside shooing some of the best athletes in the world, close to my heart is photographing portraits. Combine the both and they work very well together. I look to find that one shot of a person that stands out and tells if only briefly the story of the person in front of the camera. To me, its all about emotion, the photographs have to give the viewer something emotional to latch onto. To me sports photography isn’t all about the finishing line and who arrived first, there is so much more of a narrative to each event i hope to capture and tell the story of. Portraits are not about smiling in front of the camera and saying ‘cheese’, its an opportunity to look inside and show the real you.

I also photograph commercial photography, corporate photography and architectural photography.

Please do have a good look around my work and let me know what you think. I sincerely hope you feel something from my body of work and if you would like to discuss working together, I’d be more than happy to speak and find new friends along the way.

Thank you so much and look forward to speaking soon!

Col Morley